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Maternal Health

Improvement of the quality of maternal health services and relevant educational programmes and curricula
Maternal health: Strengthening national capacity to use minimum initial service package as one of the emergency response mechanisms

UNFPA supports the MOH in sustaining existing national standards on quality Emergency Obstetric Care, Family Planning, Antenatal care, Reproductive Health which are updated in line with international recommendations and introducing new updates and innovations. Data management in reproductive health is a key area where UNFPA supports improvement of collecting, analyzing and further use for decision making. Existing CEMD/NMCR mechanism needs to be strengthened by regular addressing recommendations nationwide which UNFPA provides support to at national and sub-regional level. On-going digitalization of healthcare especially in reproductive health is future step which UNFPA stands for along with other international organizations. Emergency preparedness, protocols and guidelines are vital pillars of sustainable access of population to RH services even during emergencies.

Family Planning

Strengthening capacity to assess, plan and monitor SRH commodities and ensure resilient supply chains is the key intervention for UNFPA to collaborate with the MOH. Improved capacity of effective response to unmet needs for family planning, sustainable and adequate supply chain and equal access to family planning means, as well as independent and informed decision of woman on family planning methods are the key milestones for UNFPA while working with MOH.

Adolescent health and HIV

Adolescents and young people are the strong voice in our society now. Scaling up the healthy lifestyle education to raise awareness of youth on HIV/AIDS and improvement of their knowledge on their reproductive health are the main tasks for UNFPA in working with youth. UNFPA is a strong advocate for strengthening advocacy capacity of youth and enabling their greater participation in policy dialogues on SRH, SDGs, gender equality and peace building.