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International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women 16 Days of Activism

25 November – 10 December 2016

16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign


By resolution 54/134 of 17 December 1999, the United Nations General Assembly designated 25 November as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, and invited governments, international organizations and NGOs to organize activities designed to raise public awareness of the problem on that day.

Women's activists have marked 25 November as a day against violence since 1981. This date came from the brutal assassination in 1960, of the three Mirabal sisters, political activists in the Dominican Republic, on orders of Dominican ruler Rafael Trujillo (1930-1961).

On 20 December 1993 the General Assembly, by resolution 48/104, adopted the Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women.

Why it is important

·         Violence against women is a human rights violation

·         Violence against women is a consequence of discrimination against women, in law and also in practice, and of persisting inequalities between men and women

·         Violence against women impacts on, and impedes, progress in many areas, including poverty eradication, combating HIV/AIDS, and peace and security

·         Violence against women and girls is not inevitable. Prevention is possible and essential

·         Violence against women continues to be a global pandemic.

How UN observes this day

From 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, to 10 December, Human Rights Day, the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign is conducted to galvanize action to end violence against women and girls around the world.

More information

The 2018 theme is Orange the World: #HearMeToo and like previous editions, the date marks the launch of 16 days of activism that will conclude on 10 December 2018, International Human Rights Day.

As part of a series of events dedicated to this action, the UN system in Uzbekistan, together with the Women's Committee of Uzbekistan, agreed to hold a photo contest “Different images of women in society” in order to draw public attention, in particular young people, to intensify and promote efforts to eliminate violence against women. Promotion of women working in non-traditional areas was suggested to be envisaged through the contest.

Terms of participation in the photo contest #Faces of Diversity announced on the occasion of the '16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence' Campaign 

  • Everyone can participate in the competition on an equal basis: from amateurs to professional photographers.

  • Contest participants need to upload a photo to their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page, accompany it with a description, the #FacesOfDiversity hashtag of the contest and mark the contest page. The winner will be the one who for the set period of time will collect the most likes on Instagram (photos will be found by the organizers by the above hashtag and uploaded to

  • Under the terms of the contest, the participant can upload one photo or a series of photos (photo project) on the theme of the contest, reflecting the diversity of professions in which women and girls work in Uzbekistan.

  • Photos taking part in the prsent contest must be copyrighted and taken exclusively for this competition.

  • According to the results of the competition by users of social networks 3 winners will be determined, announced and awarded. An unlimited number of photos will be selected by the organizers of the competition to compile the UN gallery, their owners will also be announced and awarded.

  • Three winners selected by users of social networks for the largest number of collected likes will receive certificates of the UN gallery participants and photo contest winners, as well as memorable prizes (1st place - tablet; 2nd place - phone; 3rd place - hard drive. Participants whose photos are chosen by the organizers, receive certificates of participants of the UN photo gallery, notebooks, pens, flash drives or other memorable prizes.

  • Dates of the competition: from 2 to 20 November

  • Counting totals and announcement of results: from 21 to 25 November

  • Copyright: Contest participants give their consent to the distribution, reproduction, copying, publishing and use of photos by the organizers and partners. The organizers and partners, for their part, pledge to identify the author of the photo in their publications.

Sample of Photo for contest: Nargiza, the highest crane operator at "Tashkent City" construction area. Photo credit: Women's Committee of Uzbekistan #FacesOfDiversity