“Happiness….it is to know that you are needed” – Story of Zulkhumor Aliyeva #InternationalWomensDay

8 March 2020

Zulkhumor Aliyeva

Another special call comes to the special rescue unit in the Kamchik pass.... These guys always count down for seconds, and at stake are human lives. Among men in special uniforms, a female figure moves quickly and clearly. Yes, it is clear. In such group trips, sergeant Zulkhumor Aliyeva is like a happy talisman, the colleagues say. She is always in the right place at the right time.

“Even when I was a child, my heart sank at the sight of women in military uniforms,” recalls Zulkhumor. “I was able to fulfill my dream only at 29 years old. I was told that it was too late. It would take about a year to complete only the medical clearance commission and this is a very serious test! But I didn’t give up. And I did it! So strong was my desire. I remember, even getting ready to become a mother, I went out with a group. Nothing could stop me. And the God takes care of me.” 

Zulkhumor manages everything. She is a professional at work, and a loving wife and mother of two charming girls at home. “My eldest daughter also dreams of becoming a rescuer, repeating now and again with an important look: I serve the Republic of Uzbekistan!”

In a conversation with this gentle, but such a courageous woman, you do not notice how time flies. And to the question of what happiness means, Zulkhumor answers this way: “It is to know that you are needed.”