“We ourselves are a source of tremendous power. The power is within us.” Story of Gulistan Jovlieva. #InternationalWomensDay

7 March 2020

Guliston Zhovliyeva from Akdarya district of Samarkand region was yet a girl when her heart skipped a beat at the sight of an iron hero-tractor. "I will manage it, I can," decided Guliston. Preaching to the winds is not in her rules.

The painstaking way of learning has begun. And as now the famous tractor driver, the head of her own farm, says, support of her relatives, especially of her dad, was of a great help. It is so important when they believe in you! Today, in the mastery of managing the tractor, Guliston opa will not yield to any man. 

Moreover, this is not just a job for her, but a moment of the truth. And her soul sings because of the fact that she was able to fulfill her dream. “Gulistan can tame any tractor in the field”, joke people around. And they are also proud of her: “here, you see, we have such a countrywoman!” Guliston opa is an example in everything, and at home as well. She is a beloved mother and a grandmother who always finds time for a kind word, advice. And the way she sings the lullabies is amazing! “Every moment of life is a gift”, says our heroine.

 “You sit in your favorite tractor and fly yourself, and you know that everything is within your track. Look, how many opportunities we have,” continues a woman named “Flower Garden”. “And the President supports us! All this is very inspiring. The main thing is to love the life. “We ourselves are a source of tremendous power. The power is within us.”