“You are happy if you love your job, if you are surrounded by close people who understand you” – formula for happiness of Khurshida Ubaydullayeva #InternationalWomensDay

11 March 2020

What is the formula for happiness? Like the philosopher's stone, it is the subject of a search for millions of people. But each one has her/his own, unique formula for happiness. For the doctor of biological sciences, Khurshida Ubaydullaeva, the answer lies not in complex chemical compounds. Everything is much simpler. “You are happy if you love your job, if you are surrounded by close people who understand you”.

The scientist is the author of more than 100 scientific papers, articles and inventions in the field of plant genetic engineering. And this search is endless. She is serious, modest, brooding. Even communicating, Khurshida is somewhere in her fantasy world, and unearthly eyes of the color of the sky look at you. She herself is like a perfect formula. The formula of femininity, charm ... At the same time, the formula of a strong spirit, determination and courage. Only women can combine this.

And here is our heroine, sometimes she thinks about fragile samples of the next scientific experiment, then grabs a hoe and runs to weed the garden. “And who said that this is only man’s business?”, smiles Khurshida.

“In general, I can do a lot. And I have realized that if you devote yourself to a sincerely beloved work, the life takes on a special meaning. You know, I have a habit of rushing. Hurry to work, to live, to be in time for more. Yes, and the life itself, look how in a hurry is the life to change everything around. In order to make it more beautiful, more comfortable, to make the problems be solved faster. I think everyone feels it. There is still a lot of work ahead. Have you seen the number of my students? Everyone has so many questions in his/her eyes! I want them to successfully continue the work, serve science, and therefore, serve for the good for people."