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The results of the video contest titled "How do we spend time while on quarantine?"

So, the contest for the best video on " How do we spend time while on quarantine?" is over. And we are pleased to announce the winners of this contest.

The present contest was announced with the aim to help people make the most use of the lockdown situation to develop and improve relations with their family members, use different strategies in order to better understand and build quality relationships between spouses, parents and children, brothers and sisters, children and grandchildren.

The contest with a call for videos on spending quality time with family was announced on March 29, 2020 jointly by the Commission on Gender Equality of the Republic of Uzbekistan and UNFPA and lasted till 25 May.

Overall the contest drew great interest among population and we received 117 videos from 89 participants from all over Uzbekistan.

Participants’ map includes such regions as Khorezm, Surkhandarya, Bukhara, Namangan, Fergana, Andijan, Samarkand, Surkhandarya, Qashkadarya, Tashkent regions, Republic of Karakalpakstan and Tashkent city.

It should be noted that most of the participants approached this campaign with much interest, creativity, enthusiasm and originality of the ideas.

On June 8, 2020, the regular online meeting of the selection committee was held, at which the results of the contest were announced.

Selection committee comprised of the representatives of the Senate Committee of the Oliy Majlis on Women and Gender Equality, the Commission on Gender Equality of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as the United Nations Office in Uzbekistan and UNFPA, made an objective assessment of each video submitted for the contest.

Videos were evaluated under two directions based on a five-point system and selection criteria set by the concept of the contest.

1st direction : “How do we spend time at home with family during quarantine?”  (for all citizens)

1st place - Nurmukhammed Zhumagulov

2nd place - Dilnoza Makhmudova

3rd place - Nargiza Yunusova

2nd direction: “My ideas on the way to achieve my goal” (for adolescents 13-17 years old)

1st place - Adizbek Asrorov

2nd place - Timur Ergashev

3rd place - Sanobar Akramova

It was decided to conduct awarding ceremony of the winners on June 30 - on the eve of the National Youth Day.

Key observations and messages from the videos: importance of the family and family values; strengthening of family relationships; male involvement; sharing responsibilities between family memebrs; intergenerational dialogue; useful time for self-learning, skills & capacity building.