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`` When a woman gives birth without tears, without bad consequences, the baby screams, and the pediatrician gives a good assessment of the baby's health, the mother is happy and grateful for our work, this is the happiest moment in the work of an obstetrician, '' says Chalova Aisultan Dzhumaniyazovna, senior midwife of the Republican Specialized Scientific and Practical Center for Obstetrics and Gynecology.

A picture containing indoor, person, kitchen, preparingDescription automatically generatedThere is no doubt that the work of a midwife is one of the most difficult and most responsible. Thanks to them, a miracle is born - a new human life. The life of not one, but two people depends on their actions.

The childbirth process is not easy, as Aisultan Dzhumaniyazovna tells us. It is important to take an individual approach to women in labor and constantly monitor the heartbeats of the mother and baby to ensure a safe delivery.

 The COVID-19 pandemic has brought additional complications. Additional oxygen concentrators were required, which were purchased for the Obstetrics and Gynecology Center. Special attention was also paid to the use of personal protective equipment: masks, gloves and hats. For this, an isolation ward for women with suspected COVID-19 was organized and equipped with the necessary supplies.  

Aisultan Dzhumaniyazovna tells about one patient who was admitted urgently with COVID-19. In such cases, referral without medical assistance is prohibited, so a caesarean section was performed. Fortunately, the operation was successful, and the mother and child were soon discharged home. The clinic is well prepared to combat the spread of the virus, there was no infection of children, and during the pandemic, the institution was never quarantined.

“I had no fear of contracting COVID-19. Because we have chosen this profession, with hope, confidence and a desire to help others, we are responsible for our patients” says Aisultan Dzhumaniyazovna. These words demonstrate a commitment to the profession and a sense of duty to patients - despite the conditions and risks that the profession may be exposed to.