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Uzbekistan Population Census Logo and Slogan

Uzbekistan Population Census Logo and Slogan

On March 11, in collaboration with UNFPA a contest for the best population census logo and slogan was announced on the official website of the State Statistics Committee (

A total of 19 applications were received. Out of these applications, 38 design proposals were submitted for the best logo and 99 for the best slogan.  Based on the selection results  the “Best Slogan” nomination was awarded to  Isakov Hasan Rustamovich, for the following proposed slogan:


“Yangi O‘zbekistonning bir qismi bo‘l!”

“Become a part of the new Uzbekistan!”

«Стань частью нового Узбекистана!»


The “Best Logo” nomination was awarded to  Aladdin Design advertising agency. The selected logo and slogan will be used as a brand of population census in the Republic of Uzbekistan in the preparation and conduction of the 2022 census.


On 24 June an awarding ceremony of the contest winnners was conducted at teh State Committee of Statistics of Uzbekistan. 

The winners were awarded with designated diplomas and presents for their creative project ideas.

The winners of Population census logo and slogan contest (photo credit: State Statistics Committee)