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How did you find out about the Internship at UNFPA Uzbekistan?

I found out about this position on the telegram channel Jobs4good (, where similar vacancies are posted regularly. I would recommend checking out their channel if you are looking for positions like this.
Why have you decided to apply for internship at UNFPA?
Working for a United Nations agency has been my aspiration for a long time. When studying for my Bachelor’s degree in International Development, UN agencies featured as prominent agents in the development sector. Over the course of my study and professional journey, I developed a keen interest in gender equality, sexual and reproductive health, so when this role at UNFPA came up, I knew this could be a great fit.
How fast have you become a  UNFPA team member? Could you please share your experience of working with colleagues?
Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, I was not able to travel to Tashkent, so I had to do my internship remotely. Starting a new job in person is difficult enough, having to do it via a computer can be especially challenging. So, it was natural that I was quite nervous at the start. However, as I got to know my colleagues and find out more about their work, I felt part of the team quite quickly. I started my mornings rather early, as there was a four-hour difference between UK and Uzbekistan! Working with the UNFPA team was probably one of the biggest highlights of my internship. They welcomed me so warmly and with open hearts. If there was something that I didn’t know or understand, I always knew that I could pick up the phone, call one of my colleagues, and they will always have the time for me.
What new things have you learned during your internship? What knowledge was useful to you in your new job?
One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned was the level of detail and attention that is necessary when working for a complex agency, such as UNFPA. Given the number of partners, organisations and individuals the UNFPA office works with, every single letter and figure needs to be checked before any decision is made. I’ve always been quite good at this, but this experience tuned this skill further. This is hugely useful for me as I’ve transitioned to carrying out social research and customer insight in my new role.
Tell something about your tasks?
I had a variety of different tasks, from writing and translating press-releases and social media posts, to assisting in the planning and organisation of various training or awareness raising events. It was particularly great to get involved in the drafting of the office-wide communications strategy, which involved extensive consultations with colleagues across different functions. It was also interesting to work on the communication activities in collaboration with the national partner Goscomstat and to be involved in efforts to strengthen their information raising campaign for the general public on the national Census.
What do you think how useful was this internship in your job/career?
It was very useful! It helped to confirm what I really enjoy doing and it gave me a boost of confidence to apply for roles that excite me. In my few last weeks of the internship, I was offered the role of Customer Insight Executive at a UK based charity Scope, which campaigns for inclusion and equality for disabled people, and offers a variety of services to support disabled people in the UK.
What were the challenges you faced during the internship?
Some of the challenges initially included getting to know how the team worked and getting familiar with processes and procedures. Having to do this remotely posed an additional challenge, as you couldn’t simply walk over to someone and ask a question.
How did you overcome difficulties during the internship period?
I was given great advice by a colleague at the very beginning which included setting up individual catchups with all the team members. This was really valuable as I got to understand more about the responsibilities of each of the team members and helped to build a human connection from the start. It also helped to understand what mode of communication suited each person, which meant that when it came to decision making, I knew how to best approach that person. Something else that I think helped, was being quite proactive in following up and driving things, it seemed my colleagues appreciated this, which showed me that I was on the right track.
Could you please describe an interesting moment you had during your internship?
I was fortunate enough to do a presentation on the topic of ''Volunteering, as a form of citizen participation: values, principles and benefits" for volunteers and activists in the Republic of Karakalpakstan, as part of a project funded through The Multi-Partner Human Security Trust Fund for the Aral Sea Region. About five minutes into the presentation, electricity was cut for the audience, and I had no idea if I’m going to be able to reconnect. Luckily, eventually we connected again, and I was so thrilled to be able to finish my presentation. This taught me that having a great presentation sometimes isn’t enough, and that all kinds of force majeures can happen!
Would you recommend this internship to others?
Definitely! If you feel that this is the right opportunity for you, apply, and see where it takes you. I still remember the thrill and excitement that I got when I read the email that I was invited to the first-round interview for this role!
Do have some useful tips/hints on how to pass interviews? 
I would recommend practicing the competency-based style of interviews. It helped me to calm my nerves and feel more confident. Lastly, I know it sounds cliché, but just go for it! Interviewing for an agency like the UNFPA can be very dauting, but remember that you are bringing your own, very unique experience. Your job is to share this with the panel and tell them how amazing you are! Good luck!